About Us

HRedp is a leader in helping organizations transform their business-critical HR operations to deliver more effective and efficient people-critical services. Working since 1998 in HR work-area, helping our clients become better employers through smarter, more streamlined business processes — to save money, manage employee life cycles. What sets us apart is its combination of deep HR experience and insight, advanced technology platforms and applications and a global portfolio of flexible service delivery options. 

We combine a focus on customer value with many years of experience in HR consulting, HR outsourcing and HR technology. This is the core of our business. At HRedp, we understand the great privilege and yet even greater responsibility we have in managing some of our clients’ trust – including their financial, HR and Payroll Data. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that everyone at HRedp not only understands this responsibility but also embraces it with the highest standards of care and professionalism.


To provide outstanding and innovative Payroll Services of exceptional value and superior quality


Identify opportunities and Provide Solutions and Deliver exceptional services
Valuing the time of our customer and fullfill their needs.
Appreciate efforts, excellence and innovation of team members.
Our customer is not just customer but a life-long bussiness partner to work with.